DIY Magazine Rack Projects

Isn’t it annoying to always find magazines and newspapers all over the place, on the table, on the chair, even in the kitchen? You could easily solve that problem if you had a magazine rack where you could just store them all. Magazine racks come in all sorts of designs and there are also lots of DIY projects you can try. Here are some great examples.

Modern magazine rack diy. To make this one you’ll need a 2x3x96″ stud, 14’ of electrical wire, 4 3’’ screws, two shades of paint, sandpaper, galvanized plumber’s tape as well as a saw, a drill and a ruler. Measure and cut the stud into pieces and then pre-drill the holes. Screw the sides together and measure the middle. Then make the holes and paint the rack. Then add the cord and it’s all done.

VIDEO: How to Hang a Magazine Rack for the Home

Metal pockets. For this project you’ll need a metal sheet, a canvas and some thread. The idea is to create pockets for magazines and folders. The metal is strong enough to hold them but it’s not for books so be careful. You can also add color and decorate the rack in any way you want.

Hanger magazine rack. This can be both a magazine rack and a book rack. To make it you’ll need a wire hanger and a nail. Bend the legs of the hanger and straighten out the sides. Bed the two corners into the base and then fold the wire hanger in half. Hang it on the wall and you’re done.

From cardboard. To make this magazine rack you’ll first need to find a medium to small size cardboard box. Get some scissors and wrapping paper as well. Then cut off one of the narrower sides of the box. Tape up the bottom of the box and reinforce all the sides with clear tape. Cut out the top open flaps. Then cut along each side diagonally. Choose the wrapping and get to work. Then you can also add a layer of clear gloss varnish.

Recycle plastic bottles.This is a more unusual magazine rack and to make it you’ll need a few empty glass or plastic bottles. The idea is to cut out the top portion of the bottles and to make sure they’re at the same level. Then attach them vertically and you’ll get a magazine rack with individual compartments.

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