The Best Techniques for Installing Tiles

Take your tiling skills to the next level. Learn pro tricks for dealing with complicated diagonal layouts, extra-large tiles, uneven walls, dried mortar cleanup and other tiling problems.

VIDEO: Tips and Techniques for Tiling a Shower Surround

Layout Tip

If you’re planning a wall niche, lay out the tile and take some measurements to determine the size of the niche. If you custom-size the niche to fit between full tiles, you’ll get a better-looking installation and avoid some cutting. With a diagonal tile layout like the one shown here, you’ll get full tiles and half tiles. If trim will frame the niche, be sure to factor it into the layout. Read more…

How to Lay a Ceramic or Porcelain Tile Floor

Laying the foundation. An unpleasant question to be faced is “What is your floor made up of?” Plywood is good. But, if you have the typical 1/2″ to 5/8″ particle board on top of a deck made of 2x8s, you have some work to do. After removal of the base trim, the particle board should be pulled up (this is easiest if you first cut it into about 16″ squares)and replaced by plywood. You will need a Skil saw, and if you’re doing the kitchen, you’ll need a “toe-kick saw.” Replace the particle board up to where the tile will stop. While you have the particle board off, you can inspect the deck to make sure it is firmly attached to the floor joists. Now you’re ready for leveling compound (if needed). Read more…

Tile Design Principles & Ideas: Color, Patterns & Texture

For many homeowners ’tile’ also means a material that requires installation by a professional, someone with years of practice and on-the-job experience. Although that may have been true in the past, new materials and techniques make tile installation well within the reach of any homeowner with moderate skills. Installing any kind of tile does take patience, but armed with the right information, most homeowners can install a professional-looking project they will be proud of. Read more…

The Best Technique for Installing Mosaic Tiles on a Floor

Mosaic tiles have been used on floors for centuries. They can be made of any material, including glass, stone or ceramic, and can be plain or come in intricate patterns. Mosaic tiles technically are any tile measuring 2 inches or smaller in the largest dimension. They typically come mounted in sheets to make installation easier, but they still have many special needs during installation. Adjusting for these needs helps to make the installation a success. Read more…

Bathroom Design Ideas and Inspiration

With the busy lives most of us lead these days, we feel everyone should be able to create a space in which to unwind, relax and enjoy a little “me time”. We give you the inspiration and know-how to convert your tired, dated and cluttered bathroom into somewhere you are proud to show off and spend time in. It’s the place to come if you’re stuck for bathroom ideas, no matter how small or large! Perhaps you already have a dream bathroom in mind, but just need some ideas to add the finishing touches? Read the full article.

Bathroom Designs

Free-standing Bathtub: Old-world Shapes for the New Star of the Bathroom

Who wouldn’t want one in their bathroom? The free-standing bathtub is a dream come true in popular belief; it is a corner set aside for pleasure and relaxation to enjoy fully in the comfort of your own bathroom. Read the full article.

How Can I Make My Small Bathroom Look Bigger?

For many, having a large bathroom is what dreams are made of. In fact, the UK has some of the smallest new builds in Europe. Research from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) conducted a study and found that new houses in some parts of Europe were found to be as much as 80% bigger than those in the UK. Read the full article.

Difference Between Accessible and Universal Bathroom Design

If you are planning a bathroom remodeling, it may be a good time to learn about types of bathroom design that can efficiently serve the family. This is especially true if there are members of the family that require specific parameters to have seniors or the handicapped use the bathroom. Read the full article.

Here Are Key Take- Outs When it Comes to Feature Tiles in Bathrooms:

  • Use feature tiles to make a statement or in a more functional sense highlight a specific area of a bathroom.
  • Don’t forget feature floors! Your statement can be horizontal, in which case a clean and simple wall tile is the perfect complement.
  • Feature tiles comes in different shapes and sizes – try ideas with different shapes, textures and sizes.
  • Watch out for feature creep. Feature tiles are just one potential hero to have in your bathroom. Don’t overdo it by adding a feature bath, feature fittings, feature lighting and so on as they’ll cancel each other out.
  • Be wary of using a complex tile in a small space – it could be too overwhelming or busy for an enclosed area.